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Alain Licari – Day to Day, Daily Life in a Syrian Refugee Camp

In Lebanon, life is a daily struggle for more than one million Syrian refugees who live without or almost no financial resources. There are no official refugee camps in Lebanon. As a result, Syrians are scattered in urban or rural areas in more than 2100 communities and locations across the country. They often share precarious and overcrowded housing with other refugee families.

About fifteen Syrian families live in this camp in southern Lebanon. For the most part, they were farmers from the Aleppo region who have fled violent fighting. They have lived there for a few months or a few years, and all-men, women, children-are trying to rebuild themselves, to find again despite everything the daily life lost with the war. Many hope to return home at the end of the conflict. Others would like to go to Europe and start a new life. But all know that nothing will be like before.

These photos do not show the horror of the fights. No dead, no collapsed buildings. Yet the war is there, in the background, behind the difficult living conditions of these families who fled Syria to save their lives. In each of the unspectacular gestures of these men, women, and children, in each of their looks, one can guess the weight of the horrors they lived thru, the drama of uprooting. But also a little of their hope for a future that promises to be fragile.

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